The beginning.


this is a place where I will keep track of the progress. It is quite amazing how things are coming together and how fast. I have been thinking about opening a Czech school for long time. I mentioned it to a few friends here and there and they thought I am being idealistic and that I will spend my energy without any return.  Yes, I am idealistic and yes sometimes I do things without the return - or monetary return, if you will.

However my feelings changed when I attended the 100th Year Celebration of Dallas Sokol in March 2012. I was blown away by the number of guests and couldn't but notice how many young children we have amongst us. I heard "the calling" and teacher in me sprung to action.

I started to look for information and spoke to a friend who lives in New York and is a part of the Czech School there. It was Iva Svancarova, who sent me a link to article about Czech Schools Without Borders Foundation and the movement around the world to open Czech schools. I was astonished to find out that there will be a conference in 2 weeks - one of a kind of conference with officials from Czech republic and our Consul General Eliška Žigová, specifically to help people like me establish connection with home and start offering quality education to children growing up in multilingual families. I knew instantly I HAVE to go to New York.

So here I am - a week later, working on launching this site. I spoke with several people this week who are very active in keeping Czech Heritage going in Texas. I learned that there will be Southern District Slet this weekend at the Dallas Sokol location. I will be able to speak to Robert Podhrasky from Dallas Sokol Saturday, June 9th, morning. Wish me luck, because I will need a lot of help to get this idea going. First, I have to raise money to get to New York. I have an important meeting to attend, you know?


And so it all begins.

Nina M.

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