Music makes our world go round!


Did you know that, " in times past, villages in Bohemia each had a kantor to help organize the musical activities of the village? Part-time school teacher, church music director, and classical musician, the kantor was the center of musical life of their community, much like many music teachers are today in the United States. Though the tradition of the kantor has disappeared, Bohemians have managed to keep the music alive."

I have been making music as a music teacher for over a decade. You could say that music is my everyday bread. I spent many hours mastering English folk songs, traditionals and gospels over the years. I played those songs every waking hour and sang them with my own children pretty much every single car drive. I taught my students many songs from around the world and of course a few Czech songs made it into our school's curriculum.  During those years I really missed jamming with my family, who live in the Czech republic.

About five years ago, during a visit to a local multicultural festival, I watched families around me enjoy musical performances and take pride in their culture. That really spoke to me. Here I was, a busy mother of two children who loved to sing but I have to admit, my own children didn't know too many Czech songs.

A few conversations with friends later and an early group was formed in the Fall 2011. It comprised of Hana Schell, another fellow music teacher, Eva Aikey, Nina Marcussen, Petra Waetzman and Petra Yasin.

Hana Schell, Eva Aikey, Nina Marcussen, Petra Waetzman, Petra Yasin, The Courtyard Theater, Plano, TX.

We follow in footsteps of music makers from Bohemian, Moravian and Slovak lands, who brought their music to every corner of the world with them. We enjoy sharing our passion and the biggest reward of all is when one of our offsprings joins us on a stage. 

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25th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, Fall 2014, Sokol Dallas

Rehearsal, with Vik Marcussen

State Fair of Texas, 2015, Nina, Hana, Petra and Vik.

Houston Slavic Heritage Festival, 2015

St. Bernard Festival, 2016