Czech That Film 2017 in Dallas

The annual Czech film festival titled “Czech That Film” has been established in 2012. Currently, it is the largest Czech cultural event in the United States. It is a film festival of best recent Czech films held throughout the United States every year, with a range of screenings and discussion with cast and crew. The four-month-long festival keeps growing every year. Its sixth edition will reach 15 major US and Canadian cities (Los Angeles, San Fracisco, Salt Lake City, Austin, Washington, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, New York City, Little Rock, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Toronto) in 2017. 

The event was established to accommodate increased interest in Czech cinema and culture in the United States and is dedicated to raising profile of current Czech films at an international level. It provides an opportunity for American enthusiasts of global cinema to experience successful new Czech films. Members of American Film Academy and Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and other significant representatives of the film business are regularly among the growing audience each year. Prominent local community leaders, journalists, American businessmen, representatives of the diplomatic corps, members of Czech and Slovak communities, students, and university faculty members were also in attendance in previous years.

Special events traditionally complement the festival in each city, such as opening and closing night receptions and Q&A sessions with well-established Czech directors. In previous editions, attendees had an opportunity to personally meet for example the Oscar-winning director Jiří Menzel, the well-known Czech director Jan Hřebejk, nominated with his feature “Divided We Fall” for the Oscar Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2000, and director David Ondříček, who was listed by Variety magazine as one of the Top 10 Directors to Watch. In addition, contemporary directors Andrea Sedláčková (“Fair Play”), Jiří Mádl (“To See The Sea”), and recipients of the Czech Lion Awards for Best Films Radim Špaček (“Walking Too Fast”), and Zdeněk Jiráský (“Flower Buds”) were also among official guests of the festival.

Czech That Film in Dallas will present:

4/21 7:45 PM THE TIGER THEORY - Teorie tygra 
4/22 7:45 PM THE TEACHER - Učitelka
4/23 4:00 PM I, OLGA HEPNAROVA - Já, Olga Hepnarová



It is a great honor to invite you to the 5th edition of the annual Czech That Film festival. Ever since its modest beginning, the festival has been growing each year. This showcase of the best what the current Czech cinema has to offer has become the largest and the most successful annual presentation of Czech culture here in North America.

This year you can look forward to 3 movie screenings and the Q&A session with Czech Director, Slávek Horák.

Welcome event at 6:30 pm Monday, April 11th at Trinity Hall 5321 E. Mockingbird Ln., Dallas, TX 75206. (two doors down from the Angelika) with Czech Director Slávek Horák, Honorary Czech Consul to Texas, Mr. Brian Vanicek, and the organizer of this year's festival, film producer Jeffrey Brown. 

A Q@A session with Czech director Slávek Horák will take place after the screening of Home Care.


(Domácí péče, 2015, 93 min.), dir. Slávek Horák

Mon, April 11, 7:30 pm – Dallas, Angelika Film Center

Dedicated home care nurse Vlasta attends her capricious patients in Czech wine country. She lives for her husband and daughter. One day, things change and she is forced to step outside of her comfort zone. Drama and gentle humor intertwine as Vlasta realizes that she might need some care too.

Q&A session with director Slávek Horák



Invention For Destruction (The Fabulous World of Jules Verne)

Director: Karel Zeman

Tuesday, April 12, 7 PM, Texas Theater in Oak Cliff

83 min - 1958| Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Tickets at Texas Theater website and at TT box office.

When genius scientist Professor Roche (Ernest Navara) and his aide, Simon Hart (Louis Tock), are abducted by pirates, the professor doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation. But Simon realizes that the pirates want to use Roche’s newest invention — a strong explosive — for world domination. With Roche isolated, Simon tries to thwart the plans of pirate captain Artigas (Milo Holl) by sending a balloon with a message to the outside. Little does he know, Roche has a clever plan of his own.




(Ganster Ka, 2015 , 90 min.), dir. Jan Pachl  

Wed, April 13, 7:30 pm – Dallas, Angelika Film Center

Based on the book Padrino Krejčíř by Jaroslav Kmenta, the film follows a Mafioso who gets rich through tax fraud in transactions of petroleum products. Gangster Radim Kraviec, nicknamed Káčko, transforms into a murdering monster when his father is abducted and killed by a rival mafia gang. 




"CZECH THAT FILM" back in Dallas, May 2015

Czech That Film movie festival is returning with a big bang! Mark your calendars and get your tickets.

After our first movie screening in 2014, we are happy to announce a series of 3 movie nights in the middle of May at the Angelica Film Center in Dallas.  Mark your calendars from May 18th to May 20th 2015. Invite your friends to come enjoy the best of this year's Czech cinematography.

MONDAY, MAY 18TH, Klauni / Clownwise

Actress Eva Jenickova will be attending as will the Honorary Czech Consul Brian Vanicek.  

About the movie:

Oskar Franz, a famous comic entertainer, returns to his native country after 30 years of living in France. His past is inseparably intertwined with two notable artistic personalities: Max Hubschmann and Viktor Tauber. Throughout the film, Oskar, Max and Viktor go through a lot of surprising discoveries about each other’s lives. Their journey is peppered with the wisdom of a certain age when you know that having the last laugh is the next best thing.

TUESDAY, MAY 19TH, The Icing  

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About the movie:

This explosive comedy, based on the successful play, takes place one evening in a remote village pub during an Ice Hockey World Championship match. Many things can happen when a kidnapped bride gets drunk with the best friend of the groom and a barmaid and the only one who is able to stop and save everything, is not coming.  A laugh-out-loud film proving that what is meant to be your perfect day can sometimes turn into a not-so-perfect tragedy

WEDNESDAY, MAY 20TH, Fair play 

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About the movie:

In the 1980s in former Czechoslovakia, young talented sprinter Anna is selected for the national team and starts training to qualify for the Olympic Games. As part of the preparation, she is placed in a secret "medical program” where she is given anabolic steroids to better her performance. Her mother sees the drugs as Anna’s ticket out of the Iron Curtain, while Anna knows the drug is harming her body. In a story that follows the impacts of a decision, a young woman is tested by fate.








June 27 

Czech That Film is a touring festival of contemporary Czech film.

From provocative premieres to award-winning masterpieces, Czech That Film Festival features the best of contemporary Czech cinema. 

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Refreshments served from 5:30 pm
Center For Spiritual Living
4801 Spring Valley Rd. Ste. 115
Dallas, Texas 75244
(Spring Valley and International Pkwy)
From Academy Award Winning Director Jiří Menzel comes Don Juans (Donšajni) - a brilliant combination and proper dosage of comedy and drama, opera and cinema, singers and actors. A small town opera company decides to put on Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Here comes a story about the world of opera unmasked and stripped of its glamour, a story about love and disillusion, music and passion and most of all, about the people caught in between.

Honorable Guests:

Ambassador of the Czech Republic to US Petr Gandalovič

Consul General of CR in L.A. Michal Sedláček.

Tickets are $ 5.00 online at EVENTBRITE.COM and $ 6.00 at the door.