Thank you, Mr. President.

Thank you, Mr. President,

I wish you were here and wonder what you would say about the state of the world today. I miss your humble attitude and the compassion you had even for those who should have paid for their crimes. You knew about human nature, you saw the bad and the ugly up close. Yet, you graced those who hurt you with forgiveness. Many people didn't understand that. "An eye for an eye" they yelled. You smiled and did it your way, the kind way, anyway.

I met you a few times when you were ushered into our radio studio on Frekvence 1. I wasn't the one conducting the interviews, but you had only kind smiles for all of those in your vicinity, joking around, being you - so down to earth. Even though our encounters were so fleeting, the energy you brought into the room stayed with me.

Years later, far away from home, when I had the idea of starting a Czech School, I knew I wanted to dedicate it to you. I wanted children growing up in Texas to be proud of their roots and their school. You can't fool children, they see a true heart. I held my breath when sending a letter to Nadace Dagmar a Václava Havlových VIZE 97, asking for permission to name our school after you. It was meant to be and the approval letter arrived just in time for us to dedicate our school to you at the 3rd Conference of the Czech Schools in America.

Thanks to an amazing artist Oksana Marchenko, a beautiful portrait of you graces the wall of our meeting room. Every Sunday you give us a knowing nod and a smile. I keep thinking about what you would say - that love and truth prevail. I will carry that message forward.